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Natives of North America – Following the Trail...

Following the trail of the native americans: In the most recent exhibition, the museum presents a rich variety of its Indian treasures. Spirituality and healing, communication, beauty and history – tradition meets modern native american life.

The exhibition, open since 2008, was developed with support of Native American artist David Seven Deers of the Skwahla-Stó:lo-Halkomelem people (Canada), which focuses on the spiritual longhouses and masks of the north western coast. Tepees of the Plains Indians, the reconstruction of a Pueblo House, arrowheads thousands of years old, valuable historic photographs of Indian dignitaries, and about 500 other artefacts give an insight into the different Indian cultures of North America.

A highlight for children and adults is the Indian Cadillac, the “Red Horse Diner,” in which visitors are welcome to take a comfortable seat. In the diner, modern Indian newspapers are at your disposal and interested visitors can inform themselves about the latest Pow-Wow. Exhibits on modern Indian art combining traditional and modern elements provide a deeper insight into contemporary Indian life. The works of the well-known native american pop-artists Fritz Scholder (Luiseño) and Richard Glazer Danay (Mohawk), broach the issues of stereotyping and the modern experience.


All texts are available in German, English and French.


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