until 25 | 5 | 2014

The Circassians -- Dispersed from the Caucasus Across the World. A Legendary Nation Is Rediscovered


The Circassians are one of Europe’s oldest peoples, and have been living for thousands of years in the northwest of the Caucasus Mountains. In the 19th century, the Circassians were well known throughout Europe, and were admired as warriors and knights, and praised for their beauty, elegance, and bravery.

After the brutal expulsion of the Circassians in 1864 by the armies of the Russian Tsar, the once legendary nation fell into oblivion. In its former capital Sochi, the 2014 Olympic Winter Games will be held. Whereas for many people in Russia and elsewhere the popular seaside resort in the Caucasus is a vacation paradise, it is a place of great sorrow for the Circassians. The last battle between the Circassians and marauding Russians ended there in 1864 – which will be exactly 150 years before the Olympics. The Olympic Games bring the homeland of the Circassians again in the public eye — reason enough for us to rediscover this famous nation.
The exhibition traces the destiny of the nation, and portrays the trajectories of the Circassians as they were scattered all over the world. It also demonstrates the desire and efforts of the Circassians to keep their culture and language alive.

An exhibition in the Museum of Ethnology in Hamburg in cooperation with a number of Circassian associations and individuals.