Museum für Völkerkunde Hamburg

We respect all other cultures. We require respect for all other cultures.

Ours is a lively museum, which appeals to all five senses.

We provide a forum for cooperative exchange between people of all cultures.

As a world cultural archive, we collect, preserve and display evidence of all cultures for the purpose of making those cultures accessible.

Our high-quality and unique artefacts make up the indispensable foundation for our entire work.

We provide scientifically substantiated, comprehensible information, which takes into consideration the self-image and unique perspective of each culture.

Our appealing, high-quality and diverse exhibitions and events address many diverse target audiences.

We feel obligated to ensure that our activities remain relevant to and address actual, current issues.

The utilization and development of our resources are important parts of our work.

It is our priority that our visitors feel welcome and have a satisfying experience in the museum.

The staff of the Museum für Völkerkunde has developed this mission statement through an intense, collaborative working process.