Toys from Africa

Africa’s children build their toys out of dumped garbage. Be it old slippers, a piece of wire, synthetic rubber, remains of wood or withered banana leaves – these“ global players” easily turn trash into little lorries, coloured helicopters, airplanes or footballs. Toys – bought in a store as we are used to – are an unimaginable luxury for these children.
Exactly these lovingly crafted pieces of art caught the eye of the long-term ARD-correspondent Birgit Virnich on her journalistic journeys across Africa- for they are far more than just toys. They express the living conditions of the children and at the same time embody their dreams. With their helicopters they want to escape the war; in airplanes, they dream to fly across the world; with heavily loaded lorries, travel across their country; with footballs, they strive to be like the big football stars.
Be it in the slums of Nairobi, in the villages in the Muslim north of Nigeria or in the under-siege capital of Liberia – everywhere Birgit Virnich met these children of Africa whose toys she bought and whose stories and dreams she listened to. GEMEINSAM FÜR AFRIKA e. V., a union of 25 German aid organisations, presents a selection of toys and their stories in the exhibition “Global Players“, to convey a differentiated picture of Africa- a picture that does not deny existing problems but that also emphasizes the potentials and strengths of the people- a picture conveying Africa as a continent of creativity, with the will to live and a passion for life!


From February 28 to Mai 30, 2010

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