Rauru, a Maori meeting house, is a masterpiece of painting, carving and weaving. After extensive restoration and construction works, the house now presents itself in a new light. For the last hundred years, it has been welcoming visitors in Hamburg to learn more about the world of the Maori.

Rauru harbours a vast storytelling treasure. Through its expressive carvings, delicate weavings and colourful curves, the house tells us about the North Island’s origination, the fight against mortality, the might of volcanic elemental forces and human controversies. It enables us to have a glance at the ancestral world, as well as legends and traditions, to which the Maori are closely connected to the present day.

His eventful history sets out the house as a singular historical document.
On the occasion of Rauru’s centenary, the Hamburg Museum of Ethnology presents a comprehensive program. This incidentally includes the opportunity to experience a live Haka-performance.

Supported by: Te Arawa, New Zealand, exhibition fund of the city Hamburg, “Freunde des Museums für Völkerkunde Hamburg”.

Das Haus RAURU

The House Rauru

Museum für Völkerkunde; Schmelz, Bernd; Köpke, Wulf (Hg.) (2012): „The House Rauru – Masterpiece of the Maori“, Mitteilungsband 44, 477 Seiten mit farbig. Abb.; Preis: € 25,00

Te Ara

Te Ara

Museum für Völkerkunde; Pfeiffer/ Tapsell (Hg.) (2012) Te Ara – Der Weg der Maori; ISBN 987-3-9812566-7-3; 32 Seiten mit farbig. Abbildungen; 5,90 €

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