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“Now revealed: Hamburg’s secret golden treasures” Hamburger Abendblatt

The Inca gallery and the treasures
Go treasure hunting in the museum! Archaeological gems from over 4000 years of pre-Hispanic Andean cultural history can be found in the Museum’s treasure vaults and in the Inca gallery. In addition to beautifully made pottery and impressive objects of gold and silver, numerous examples of old Peruvian weaving wait to be discovered.

The exhibition takes the visitor on a journey from the northern to the southern Andean region, focusing on the Incan people. Highlights include wonderfully conserved garments thousands of years old, mysterious knotted cords, masterly modelled ceremonial vessels with portraits of rulers and scenes of gods as well as rare wooden sculptures. Most of the art found in burial sites conveys an impressive picture of the ingenuity and the religious and social conceptions of the people.

In the footsteps of the fast paced Inca messengers, children can explore the exhibition via special Inca stations. Additionally, films developed in current research projects provide background information.


Texts are available in German, English and Spanish.


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