6th April – 19th August, 2018
Design Histories between Africa and Europe
Flow of Forms / Forms of Flow

The exhibition focuses on Design (hi)stories between Africa and Europe through the prism of past, present and future: how did Africa influence design in European Modernism, what impacts did the European reform movements have on the African continent What forms have social emancipation and the optimistic spirit of change taken? Can artefacts make social and political dimensions perceptible to the senses? How are collective concerns reflected in design? What would an ideal form of cooperation in the 21st century look like? And what visions does contemporary design have to offer us in the interplay between globalisation and local challenges?

Flow of Forms / Forms of Flow – Design (hi)stories between Africa and Europe takes a look at global design practices and forms which have developed through cooperative projects, adaptation and transformation of ideas and concepts. Taking a critical view of the Eurocentric perspective changes how we see things – instead of a history of design written from a one-sided (Western) viewpoint, Flow of Forms / Forms of Flow reveals multifarious, unexpected and surprising Design (hi)stories.

As a counterpoint to the conventional presentation of the historical cultures and the way of life in rural Africa, the Museum focuses in this exhibition on the contemporary culture of the continent, characterised by urban centres with an unrivalled cultural dynamism and a vibrant creative and artistic scene.

The exhibition is divided into five thematic areas:
Forms of Modernity
Forms of Cooperation/Participation
Material Morphosis
Speculative Forms