21st Februar – 23rd September, 2018

A deep longing for familiar food is part of living abroad. The creation of home cuisine, soul food, is one of the cultural techniques used to contribute to bodily and emotional well-being in the diaspora. Since the 1960s, South Koreans have been moving to Germany and Switzerland as migrant workers. Local food was at first unfamiliar to them. But, over the years, they have
established a diasporic culinary homeland for themselves, through S(e)oul food.
This exhibition invites to a dialogue on the (culinary) history of the Korean diaspora. Paintings by Cookie Fischer-Han illustrate personal memories of achieving integration between kimchi and cheese societies.

The cultural technique of soul food serves in migration as a bridge between origin, everyday realities and a desired future. Korean migrants brought their culinary knowledge from home to literally ferment their individual palates and lives – with kimchi. Today Korean migrants have found homes of their own in Germany or Switzerland and have de¬veloped their own individual food styles. Meanwhile, cookbooks, written for Europeans as well as for the second generation of Koreans born here, set standards of Korean cuisine. Kimchi, moreover, is now being sold as a trendy new vegetable dish even in Europe. Kimchi has finally become a national heritage food in both Korean states and globally an international consumer good, and kimchi museums have even been founded in South Korea. Modernity furthermore has shrunk the onggi, the earthenware jars once indispensable for producing kimchi, to miniature souvenirs.

The Korean artist Cookie Fischer-Han has witnessed the rapid modernization of her home country during the second half of the 20th century. After finishing her studies, she pursued a career in international logistics. From South Korea Cookie Fischer-Han moved to Switzerland in the early 1990s. Here she could finally realize a long kept dream: Training in painting.
Integration into local society was a personal challenge. Even her familiar Korean food could then only partly be prepared in Switzerland. Gradually, Cookie Fischer-Han developed her own S(e)oul food. And between 2009 and 2016 she created the series The Art of Korean Cuisine – the result of her personal aesthetic-culinary reflection on her origin and identity.

An exhibtion in colaboration with the Ethnographic Museum at the University of Zürich and Cookie Fischer-Han