Uri Korea – Serenity in the Fast Lane

This exhibition is a joint project of the Museum für Völkerkunde Hamburg and the National Folk Museum of Korea in Seoul. It attempts to understand the Republic of Korea and its historical and traditional roots. The National Folk Museum of Korea shows aspects of everyday life and the recent history of the Republic of Korea and has assembled a collection of present-day objects illustrating this. The Museum für Völkerkunde Hamburg shows a selection from its 100-year old Korean collection, prompting the question what role these historical objects– and the traditions they stand for –play in today’s Korea. The themes dealt with in both parts of the exhibition were developed together.

For more than two generations numerous Koreans, men and women, have made their home in Germany and, indeed, have contributed to the promotion of cultural knowledge in the Museum für Völkerkunde. But the Museum itself too has a long history of research and collection projects in Korea. These have been carried on since the 1970s in collaboration with Korean experts in the field. The Korean National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage has in turn been researching the Korea collection in Hamburg since 2014 and is publishing a catalogue. The exhibition will also draw attention to the importance of this joint research work.