Do 7. Dezember | 18 Uhr
Invoking Sounds of Mongolian Nomads
Englischsprachiger Vortrag von Tsetsentsolmon Baatarnaran, National University of Mongolia

Sounds and musical elements created by the Mongolian herders are diverse and closely linked to their nomadic way of life and livestock husbandry. They have been used for both sacred and profane purposes such as Buddhist and Shamanic rituals and animal handling. Some utterances, sounds, melodies and some musical instruments are invoking as bringing shamans in trance and affecting five types of animals – sheep, goats, cow, horses and camels. Herders produce different sounds to make animals sit, come, gallop, be milked, and accept their rejected calves. The lecture introduces some of invoking sounds and melodies used in everyday life of Mongolian nomads with audio-visual illustrations.

Tsetsentsolmon Baatarnaran is a social anthropologist and doctoral researcher at the Department of Anthropology and Archaeology of the National University of Mongolia. Since 2014 she has been working for the Nomadic Artefacts project. Tsetsentsolmon is the author of several international peer-reviewed journal articles on shamanism, folklore, nomadic culture and cultural transformations. Her current research interests include post-socialist cultural transformations, national identity construction and the anthropology of art.

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